Rule Book

The American Shetland Pony Club is a non-profit corporation that follows a comprehensive Rulebook that is updated annually.


Proposed Rule Changes

Due January 1 of the Current Convention Year.
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2020 Rule Book

2019 Rule Book

Section I - Amended Articles of Incorporation 
Section II - By Laws
Section III - General Rules
   Part 1 - Definitions
   Part 2 - Individual Membership
   Part 3 - Amateur Rules
   Part 4 - Youth Rules
   Part 5 - Conquering Obstacles Overcoming Limitations (COOL)
   Part 6 - Rule Changes
   Part 7 - Safety
Section IV - Registration Rules
Section V - Violations, Protests, Disciplinary Actions
Section VI - Drug Rules
Section VII - Judges
Section VIII - Stewards
Section IX - Measurements
Section X - Standard of Perfection and Halter Division Rules
    Modern American Shetland & American Show Pony Registry 
    Classic American Shetland Pony 
    American Miniature Horse Registry
    National Sport Performance Pony Registry
Section XI - Driving Performance Division Rules
   General Rules
   Modern American Shetland Pony
   Modern Pleasure Shetland Pony
   American Show Pony Registry
   Classic American Shetland Pony
   American Miniature Horse Registry
   National Sport Performance Pony Registry
Section XII - In Hand/Single Working Division Rules
Section XIII - Under Saddle Class Division Rules
Section XIV - Showmanship - Rules & Patterns
Section XV - Show Management
Section XVI - National Area Shows, ASPC/ASPR Congress,
    AMHR Nationals

2018-2019 Changes

Any member of the ASPC/AMHR/ASPR may make a request for a rule change. Rule Change Forms are due to the ASPC/AMHR/ASPR Director of Operations by January 1st. The Director of Operations will ensure distribution to appropriate Committee Chairs and rules change proposals will be posted on the website prior to the National Convention. For more information, see Section III, Part 6 of Rulebook.